Friday, August 24, 2007

Save the Arcade Rally....FSA meeting notes.

Some notes from the FSA meetings

Smaller attendance this time than in the past, and we didn't use the big room.

The big news at the meetins is the Urban Nights event and the Courthouse Square rally.

Rally on Courthouse Square,

Noon, Thursday, 30 August.

They are going to do a rally, having banners, selling things to raise funds, and might have some musical entertainment. Apparently the county has been very cooperative on this event. The broadcast media will be been contacted.

Urban Nights.
I think it was Susan Gruenberg (sp?) who really got this organized. She did an excellent job, convincing the city to go along with opening the building for urban nights, and even getting a bioenvironmental reading from RAPCA on the air quality in the building, as this was, apparently, on of the objections.

There are going to be a lot of fire code compliance issues, and one thing that is really needed is three commercial fire extinguishers that could be loaned to FSA for the evening.

Only the ground floor will be opened, and only the part around the rotunda. The apartments will not be open. The Arcade part will not be open. The glass roof over the arcade part is in too bad a condition to permit tours, and there would need to have been hard-hats issued. The tours of the arcade will be in groups of 15, with a guide in the front and one in the rear. The tours will originate on the 4th Street side of the building, but there will be a table on the 3rd Street side with people selling things and directing people to 4th if they want a tour.

There will be some exhibits and boards up on the 4th Street entrance, including a board where people can leave their suggestions for the Arcades' re-use. There is also an attempt to get some street musicians to perform, and maybe some recorded music inside.

Bob Shiffler, the owner of the Kuhn's and McCorys building next to the Arcade and the Scwhind building across the street, apparently has been helping out, and is in contact w. Ms Gruenberg, as he will be providing electricity and some spots for the rotunda building. I don’t know the tech details on this but apparently there is a power source in his buildings that can be accessed from the Arcade.

They have received $7000 so far in pledges. Preservation Dayton is now involved somewhat, having agreed to be the FSA's financial agent. Right now they are just collecting pledges, and will call in the pledges when they have enough to help pay down the lien.

The Raffle:
FSA decided not to do the car raffle that was talked about during the last meeting.

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