Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dawn Cooksey at the Nite Owl.

Yer humble host made a rare mid-week stop at the Night Owl last week and discovered this rather interesting local folksinger. Dawn Cooksey. Just a girl and a guitar, heartfelt delivery, and some very, very good songs

I picked up her CD, which has additional backing on some tracks, including harmonica, which really enhances the sound. This is one excellent piece of work, very professional.

Googling her I see she is a Dayton native, lived in Austin for awhile, and then returned to the area to live in Yellow Springs.

Unfortunately, not much in the way of live music dates in the future, but I would make the drive to YS to see her again.

Sounds like: (a too easy comparison) Tracy Chapman, maybe just a touch of the Indigo Girls, though closer to trad/roots music, a certain kind of rootsy country, and modern folk than they are. There is a unique voice here, yet working in and interpreting a music tradition.

So keep an eye out for her. Certainly worth a listen.

BTW, the CD is available her myspace page, linked above.

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