Sunday, November 11, 2007

DJ Ruckus Roboticus at Therapy

(the fellow in glasses, on the left)

DJ Ruckus Roboticus' Saturday CD release party got a lot of mention on Rev Cool's Friday night WYSO show. Apparently Don Thrahser (DDN music writer and ex GBV member) , Rev Cool himself, and some DJs from out-of town were spinning as guests.

I am not a regular Therapy patron, but did go there for a beneft, where I heard this guy do his mixing and spinning. Liked it so much that I returned at a later date when he was on, and picked up two CDs he had for sale, which were also quite interesting.

The new CD was unlike those, much more concept album, more akin to experimental music. I'll let Don Thrasher (via his DDN column) describe it:

On his epic new album "Playing With Scratches," local DJ Ruckus Roboticus takes the listener on a turntablist's journey through hip-hop, musique concrete, comedy albums, old soul 45s, children's music and more. The delectable cut-and-paste songs are crafted entirely from found sounds, with Roboticus intricately employing scratching and beat juggling to a smorgasbord of sounds, from funky beats to vocal samples and spoken word snippets.

I have to say this new CD was unlike anything I've ever heard ..well, maybe early Zappa, Captain Beefhart, or more like Soul Coughing or similar sampler artists. Actually its even beyond that, moving into uncharted musical territory.

Roboticus is another one of those Dayton music artists that are getting some attention from outside of Dayton.

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