Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Grocery Gap III: Where are the stores?

Continuing to investigate the grocery gap (if there is one) in Dayton.

This time I look at grocery stores. Here is a map of the major regional and national chains in the area (that I know of).

Taking away the base map and shading in the more or less built up areas to see if there are any patterns, and there are. There are some gaps in the distribution of the big chains (though some of that is due to population density south of town due to the Kettering/Oakwood estate country, with large lots and country clubs meaning there is more open space than is shown)
But also, from what I know about east and south Dayton, there are local independent supermarkets that fill in those gaps. The two Dorothy Land Markets, Dot’s over in Belmont/Greenmont, and a supermarket on Linden (an old Liberal,, I think) are located in the holes. This could be the case elsewhere in Dayton.

Looking at West Dayton, based on the yellow pages listing of groceries, there are a few out there, including some that I think are small supermarkets that go beyond just a convenience/carry-out trade.
So maybe things are not that dire in terms of accessibility. The situation might be different for price and selection.

As a proposal a centrally located shopping center and supermarket for the city. This would be very similar in concept to a Chicago-style TIF developmen for large-scale retail.

This could also solve that Kroger issue and address West Dayton folk’s complaints about the preferential treatment for the Wayne Avenue Kroger, by having a big super located so it could serve both east and west Dayton, located on the vacant and semi-used lands along the river, close to the bridges

And alternative would be a centrally located supermarket and shopping center in the heart of west Dayton, on the Kuhn’s Foundry or McCall property.


Anonymous said...

Did you include the Krogers on Burkhardt and Spinning? I think it's missing.

La Reyna said...

Yesterday was the last day for the Gettysburg Kroger. I hope they find another grocer to fill in the void. W. Dayton needs a full-service grocer.

La Reyna