Thursday, November 22, 2007

History of a Parking Lot.

Wondering how it got that way (and when it got that way) I did a "history of a parking lot", more accurately the investigation of the transformation of one downtown block near the edge of downtown. The block bounded by Third, St Clair, Second, and Jefferson.

Starting in 1956 already there is parking.

The little lot at the 3rd/St Clair corner was a filling station in 1918. The big mid-block lot first appeared in 1928/29, so it's one of the oldest downtown (click on the image & it will enlarge so you can read the store names).

Then a series of black plans showing how the block lost the buildings, closing with my guess on the next removal.

The block today. The business names have all changed, of course, but an impressive void nonetheless.

For some before and after pix, plus some history of the block in the 19th and early 20th century (including what was in that early big lot on 2nd) click here:

History of a Parking Lot


Foreverglow said...

Wow, awesome post. It's incredible to think such density was destroyed in favor of a surface lot.

Jefferey said...

Well, it happened over time, but I think there was a plan to tear out the entire block and build something new there in the late 80s early 90s, but that never happened.

Incidentally I did find an image of the St Clair side of the street, with the churches. I'll post it tomorrow.