Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stone Soup Cafe opens on Xenia Avenue

Stone Soup Cafe is a new place on Xenia Avenue. The apparently serve breakfast and lunch. Daytime hours and closed on Sunday. Can't say about the food yet (I will be back to try it): tonight I went for the art show and music.
I found out about this event quite by accident as a waitress at the Oregon Express who is also a photographer told me about it a week or two ago (she was also showing at the event). Since I'm doing some historical research on this neighborhood I was curious (wanted to see the inside of one one of these old stores). She also mentioned the guitarist from Shrug was doing an acoustic set, so I was really curious as this is known to me as an indy rock outfit; not really acoustic/folky.

The event was apparently put on by the Circus, and featured other music artists besides Shrug. (and visual arts, too).

Here are two members of Shrug doing a very good, tight acoustic set, with a fresh breeze coming in through the door and a fluttering US flag outside...
A very positive & good vibe going down that night. One of my more memorable evenings in Dayton.

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