Saturday, January 26, 2008

Blogroll Adds

For the New Year, some revisions on the blogroll. "Burying" dead blogs, and some ads (and these are not all blogs).

One of the points of the blogroll was to feature city, "city culture" or urbanist blogs on Dayton.

As there are very few local blogs of this type most of these adds deal with local art/music/creative things, plus a house blog and two local history websites.

A beef is there is no really comprehensive page for live music. I’ve added “Dayton Shows” as it has a good indy angle, but even they miss a few. One can following Myspace Music, but there isn’t a good aggregator page yet for all the myspace show notes on individual band and venue pages

Defunct or Presumed Dead
(no posts for months, or the owner has closed the site)

To Dayton From Cincinnati

Oracle of Dayton

Photos From the Streets of Dayton


(stained glass artist who links to Daytonology)(stained glass aint just for church windows anymore)

J.R Locke
(musician/writer who posts a lot at Esrati, apparenty has just moved to the east side)

JafaBrit’s Art
(Yellow Springs artist, part of the jafaGirl group)

Circus Creative Collective
(news and blogs from the new arts group putting on shows and such)

Slidertown Webazine
(personal website on South Park and Seely’s Ditch by a South Parker)

Dayton History Books Online
(Craig Dalton’s resource site, with an online forum for Dayton history questions)(Craig Dalton is one of the great documenters and popularizers of local history, with his series of books on the populist side of history, such as histories of local breweries and drive-ins)

This Old Crack House
(house blog on the restoration of the old Edgar place up in Walnut Hills, one of Dayton’s neighborhood farmhouses)(one is just overwhelmed by what goes into house restoration after following this blog).

Dayton Bands
(myspace page that is a list of mostly indy/oringinal bands playing Dayton)(still not that comprehensive as one would like, but it’s a start).


jafabrit said...

Hey, thanks for the add :)

For The Love Of Dayton said...

I heard Curt Dalton is making a book about the Dayton Arcade and will be giving the proceeds to Friends of the Dayton Arcade.

J.R. Locke said...

Thanks for the add. My first as a blogger!