Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bungalow Apartment Board-Up

Are we seeing the final days of this North Main landmark (just south of Ridge)? It's all boarded up, and the upstairs balcony doors are left open so rain and snow can get inside and do their damage.

This is just a fascinating building. A bungalow scaled up to the size of an apartment building. And note what looks like an early garage at the basement level, sized for the Model T era. Lively facade composition , with the little side dormers opening on to the upper porch via angled doors.
Some detail. Notice is the oriental touches on the fascia and the cresting wave finials on the roof, and the nice wood trim and window detail (including the incongruous fanlight & quasi-palladian arrangement in the center bay.

And the view is pretty good too. Probably better from that upper level. One can see the downtown skyline as well as the sweep of Main down through Riverdale. The afternoon light in these apartment must be fantastic.

I guess we can add this to the buildings at the Troy/Valley intersection, Midnight Market at Tals Corner, and the Ecki Building as an endangered local landmark. One of the anonymous, yet memorable buildings that give Dayton (give any city) character.


Anonymous said...

I *love* that building. It's one of the ones I wish I could afford to fix up- it also shares architectural cues with the old firestation- just a bit South of it- same side of the street.
It's too big for me- but, I could see it as an option for my office and my house in a minute.
It's sad that it's open. But, we've seen buildings like 412 Hickory go years open- and still be saved.
Thanks for sharing this.

Daniel said...

To tear it down would be to cause another minor tragedy in the downward spiral that is Dayton.

I love driving by that building, even at night. One would hope that someone is going to fix it up.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the north side of town getting attention.

I live near that building. It was occupied until last summer when fire erupted in the street level garage. A couple weeks later the tenants were vacated and the first floor boarded up. I assumed it was because it was because of fire damage. Of course leaving the balcony windows and doors open haven't helped either. I don't understand why the city couldn't board them up too.

Hopefully someone who cares will purchase that building.

Foreverglow said...

Killer building. Is that original brick on the lower level?

Jefferey said...

"Good to see the north side of town getting attention."

Yeah, I am going to feature the west and north sides a bit more.

I did a big thread on lower Riverdale over at Urban Ohio a year ago...havn't fluffed it here yet.

"Is that original brick on the lower level?"

Don't know.