Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Third World Reggae Fest

Since its in the 'teens, windy, with a few inches of drifting snow outside, lets go back to Labor Day, for the Third World Reggae Fest at Dave Hall Plaza, the green heart of Downtown Dayton.

This is one of the highlights of the summer downtown. The crowd is just so laid-back and diverse, such a mix of folks, and the music is so danceable. People will certainly be out there in front of the stages dancing along (even yer humble host has been known to get up and move around to the music). Just a lot of postive energy at this event.

I think this is Seefari, AKA Tom Caroll, a longtime presence at the festival...he even wrote a song about it.
The fellow in the background in the long hair, on the drums, is "Ras Robert", also one of the organizers of the event.
And here is the great Sharon Lane. She is a singer, plays the piano, and writers her own music. She performs on occasion over at Canal Street Tavern, not as much as she used to. Her husband plays sax and backs her when she's performing (and he was in one of the bands today). They have sort of a bluesy, lounge sound going on. I was (am) a fan and used to go see her gigs a lot when I first moved here.
"War is Not the Answer" respect to this lady who let me take a pix of her customized denim vest:

To see more of this event click here for more pix.


Admin said...

I only got to see the first band, had to be someplace else. Great event, beautiful weather, beautiful people!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! check out the dayton reggae fest pages @
21st Annual Dayton Reggae Festival
is scheduled for Sunday August 31, 2008 @ Dave Hall Plaza Park
Tom "SEEFARI" Carroll