Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adelite Avenue: Mapping the Nuisance Properties

The city has a lengthy report on nuisance properties, with links to the County auditor and treasurer sites so one can look up more ownership and financial information on property. The auditors site is actually a pretty good site to use to track development history (age of units and plat names, which are probably somewhat accurate for the recent past), and absentee ownership, so one can see who actually owns the various neighborhoods of Dayton.
Using the first street on the list, Adelite Avenue, to track ownership patterns of nuisance problems, one can see the difficulty of actually using this site. And the stereotype of wealthy slumlords and their McMansions is quickly demolished just by looking at this one street.

Things are probably more complicated out there than simplistic stereotypes.

357 Adelite

Some basic facts in the graphic based on the auditor records, and some MS Live Search birds eyes as the weather doesnt lend itself to drive-by just yet.

One can make some inference that this is an example of small time real estate investment, perhaps as a small partnership with another party or partys. The owner, or the one here, lives in a very generic subdivision of 1960s ranches...if the mailing address is the residence. Nothing fancy.

372 Adelite

This is an interesting example of difficultys in figuring out just what is going on.

The owner has no street address, just a PO box. The person who sold her the property (no price recorded, and the same surname) has the same PO box as a mailing address, but is listed as owning this largish house in Vandalia/Butler Twp together with another male with the same surname. So is the house the residence or another investment? Hard to say for certain.

517 Adelite

It's a big assumption to say that nuisance properties are only held by absentee owners. It would be interesting how many are owner occupied, like this example. Hard to say exactley what property this is from Live Search (maybe Streetview would be better in this case).

Also notice the "value history". It might be interesting to do this for the whole street to see what is happening. From the $30,000/ $40,000 range to $11,140. Ouch.

508-510 Adelite.

This is supposed to be a double. But whats interesting is the impossibility of finding out the owners location. Mailing address is to a house owned by three partys, two of who are not listed. And there are mulitple entrys in the Auditors records with the same neame.

419 Adelite

This house is somewhat similar to 357 Adelite as its a small time owner, with only one other house on the Auditor records beside the Adelite property and the Jefferson Township mailing address, which is presumably the home address.

415/417 Adelite

This is an interesting example of out-of-town ownership. If one works with the auditor records on a street or neighborhood basis one can slowly pick up that absentee ownership is not confined to the Dayton area. In this case the owner of record apparenlty lives in an apartment complex somewhere in Georgia.

Other cases of absentee ownership not shown here are the holding company or investment company (could be a partnership pooling money to buy property), banks, construction companies, and institutional ownership.

As one can see it's difficult to generalize about absentee ownership and the stereotypes of wealthy suburbanites milking property while deferring re-investment does not seem to be the case on this street. Though the city lists these as nuisance propertys it could be doubtful that the owners can afford the repairs, even if, in some cases, the owners can even be found

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