Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UpDayton: Good Ideas and Documenting the Scene

UpDayton is one of the five Creative Region intiatives collectively called Dayton Create, and the one I've paid the least attention to as its for young proffressionals under 40, which I aint.

But it looks like they are doing some pretty interesting things. They have their own website....

....which has various types of information and results of what they've been up to. And they have an ideas forum with some do-able things that click into some of Daytonologys interests.

One I liked was a suggestion for a scenepix site, a blog or website that documents the nightlife/arts/events scene here. The model is Cobrasnake, an LA-based fashion photographer that does party and show pix. They mentioned that ActiveDayton's party crashers do this bit. I'd add you'd see some of this over at the Bhudda Den, too, and occasionally here at Daytonology due to yer humble hosts' music fan tendancies.

But, yeah, sure, a more concerted effort to feature the local scene would put out a good online rep for the city...demonstrating to the outside world that there is among the rustbelt ruins. There is a lot going on...it seems....just from keeping a light tab on some of the music sites and myspace pages, but not much really pulled together in one online place.

Definetly a good idea but it needs someon who is fairly well in-tune with whats happening to at least "show up" to take the pix, and someone to host the site.

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updayton said...

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