Thursday, January 15, 2009

Documenting Dayton: Another Dayton Place Blog

If you're familiar with the local blogosphere you'll be familiar with Terri Lussier's
The Brick Ranch, which is a real estate blog with a focus on mid century modernism, specifcally on ranches in Huber Heights.

MCM is something that doesn't get too much attention in the Dayton area, though there are two antique shops that specialize in it, Jimmy Modern and another one who's name excapes me. If one was to buy a brick ranch (or rent an apartment in a Grafton Hill mid-rise) these would be the places to get a few select pieces. So would Furniture by Otmar in Centerville (one of the best furniture stores in SW Ohio IMO).

But enough of that.

Terri has expanded her blogging with this very promising second blog; Documenting Dayton

Documenting Dayton is a very welcome addition to the small collection of Dayton-oriented place blogs or urbanist blogs that have recently appeard. Some recent focus is on the transitions in the local economy, which is quite rightly seen as something evolutionary and transformational, rather than as a narrrative of decline.

The most recent post, on small town Ohio, is again on the mark as the galaxy of small towns surrounding Dayton is one of the positive features of this region.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Jeff!

Documenting Dayton is still young and I'm still finding a voice there, (as well as finding time to write) but it's been nice to have a place to write that isn't completely business oriented.

I thoroughly enjoy your blog and your extensive historic research. It's a great archive for anyone curious about Dayton.