Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Third World Reggae Festival

From Labor Day weekend 2008. Something to remember for this coming summer.

Perhaps one of the best downtown events, it's a bit different from the Riverscape festivals as its in the heart of downtown on Dave Hall Plaza, Dayton's own "Central Park". Hosted by local Reggae musician Seefari (on stage in the first pic), but including regional Reggae and Ska artists, with a bit of world beat too.

The vibe here is perfect. Totally laid-back and just people having a good time, dancing to the music.

There are quite a few vendors and this scene, with the Dayton PD & FD recruites, the free books people, and on the hill the henna art tent, showing what a peaceable kingdom this is.

Did I mention people come here to dance?

The Aftershow

Since people are having such a good time and don't want to go home the festival has started to move to indoor venues after the DHP festivities close. This year three spaces participated:

Therapy: Dancehall style reggae done by a DJ. I guess this is the more modern form?

J-Alans: which is turning into a fairly good live music venue downtown.

South Park Tavern: moving the Oregon/Dowtown scene up Wayne a bit, this place also has been hosting some good live music.

No aftershow pix this year, but if past years are an indication there is some good jamming going on with the various acts from the festival doing their own sets, but also joining in together.

For more pix of this years festival click here.

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