Monday, January 26, 2009

Smiths Tribute at the Dayton Dirt Collective.

A bitter cold and snowy night in Dayton....

....always the best kind of nights to go out becuase the vibe inside is inverse to the weather. And so it was in Dayton this past Sunday at this Smiths tribute show, held at the unlikely locale of the Dayton Dirt Collective, which is more of a punk space.
Came in at the tail end of this set, Northwest Ordnance i think? (Correction: This band is actually Gunsucker)

Then, between acts, a very good mix by DJ Joe Nicholson, who is from Cincy, I think. The interview at the Bhudda Den says this:

"One of the DJ's performing this night, DJ Joesph Nicholson, told me once that a lot of the 80's music he spins sounds modern to where people cant tell its not new."

Yeah, I could tell it was "of the era", but sometimes not. I forgot how good that stuff sounded.

Then came this act, a trio from Columbus called Zachary Alan Starkey, named after the guy in the middle who fronted the band. Two keyboards, two guitars, and the lead hared vocals with one of his bandmates.

Of course it wasn't that bright, so turn off the flash and enjoy the somewhat unusual lighting here:

These guys were really opening a vein that night. Intense.

Im not a super big Smiths or Morissey fan (yes, i do own Viva Hate), but I was curious to see how this music was covered.

A good interview on the show is at the Bhudda Den: Meltones interviews the organizer, DJ Misterkid, who says some interesting things about making up your own dance moves at the old 1470. Hel_lo!

The DDC is potentially one of the best new spaces in the city. They are sort of focused on punk, which is fine, but nice to see some of this other stuff. The spirit in this place is very positive. No alchohol, no real seating (folding chairs along the wall) , just a big hardwood floor and bands playing and people listening and getting into the music. They have some art on the walls but I think the focus is on music, local and bands playing through. Totally DIY.

Good profile from Alarm magazine and zine publisher here


Andy Rowe said...

The first band photo is actually of gunsucker!

Jefferey said...

Thanks! Correction made...

Anonymous said...

Nice write up of the show! I was there and had a great time!

Glad you mentioned Zachery Allan Starkey. I've seen him play in Columbus a few times, his shows are a lot of fun, usually.

He writes his own stuff and has a CD out. His songs are pretty cool, remind me very much of New Order, Pet Shop Boys, ect.

All the other bands were awesome, I really liked Black Cigarattes.

And the DDC is quite a cool space!

-Chelsea B.

Jefferey said...

ZAS needs to play through more. I like that early 80s stuff. But yeah, DDC seems like a great place for music if this show is any indication.