Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City of Johns

There is a Johnsville in Montgomery County. It's part of New Lebanon.

But there are no johns in Johnsville or New Lebanon. Not in the sense being used here. John in this case is the client of a prostitute, and none were caught and convicted from those western Montgomery County communities in 2007 and 2008, in the City of Dayton at least.

The Dayton PD maintains a neat little set of pdfs that list convictions for the various prostitution charges. The lists have names, ages, and street addresses. Which permits a quick bit of stat work to refute or confirm the urban legand that it's all sleazy suburban daddys who come into the city to get in touch with their freaky side thats causing the problem.

Well, yes and no.

Looking at the convictions by where the perp lived, one can see the split is pretty even between Dayton and the suburbs, with another smaller group from further afield than closer-in suburbia:

Breaking out the city residents who where convicted, by what part of the city, one can see the east side (east of the Great Miami and south of the Mad River) is the largest source of johns, with two neighborhoods taken together (Belmont + Eastern Hills...the Smithville Road neighborhoods north of US 35...) making up around 20% of all city residents convicted.

Rank ordering neighborhoods by numbers of convictions, Belmont and the North Main corridor (Riverdale, Santa Clara, and points north) have the most convictions, followed by Eastern Hills, Old North Dayton, and Ohmer Park/Walnut Hills.

(the labeling is an eye chart, but readers can mouse over the graphic, click and it will enlarge).

Next, a look at the suburbs. Kettering had the most convictions, followed by Trotwood, Huber Heights, Centerville, and Beavercreek.

Then, taking the city and suburbs together, one can see that there are top john-producing areas in both the city and suburbs. There might be a population factor involved, too, whith more populous areas producing more johns, just by porportion.

(again, another eye chart).

So, yes, there is some truth that suburbanites use the city for vice. But so do city residents, with the east side being the biggest john-producing area, at least by convictions.

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