Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Greater Downtown Dayton: Original People/Original Place

Probably the first real comprehensive look at how to do something with downtown in years, this planning effort is sponsored in part by the Downtown Dayton Partnership.

I like that slogan, "original people/original place". Who ever is doing this conceptual or branding work is doing a great job of it.

The blurb at the Downtown Dayton Partnership says this:

The public and private sectors in Greater Downtown Dayton have joined forces to create a bold, unified plan for the region’s center city. The City of Dayton and the Downtown Dayton Partnership have convened a group of business and community leaders to spearhead this community-wide effort to establish a blueprint ― called A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan ― to help guide the future of Dayton’s urban core.

A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan will establish a very tactical, deliberate game plan for the future of our Greater Downtown. It will identify collaborative ― not competitive ― strategies for creating a more vibrant city. In addition, it will merge existing plans into one unified vision for our center city, allowing our community to work from the same playbook as we tackle clearly identified action items that lead to one goal: a vibrant, thriving center city.

...with a lot of additional info at this link. Take an online survey on downtown and download the planning principles and FAQs.

There weill be three public input sessions where you can say your piece in realtime:

• Tuesday, February 10 at 12 noon at the Dayton Metro Library

• Thursday, February 12 at 5 p.m. at c{space, 20 N. Jefferson Street

• Tuesday, February 17 at 7 p.m. in the Charity Earley Auditorium, Ponitz Conference Center, at Sinclair Community College

But you can contribute online, too:

Facebook: A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan

Dayton Most Metro Forum: A Greater Downtown Dayton Plan

The DMM Forum site has a number of subcategories to which one contribute, and already has the an excellent online community discussing urban affairs issues in this area.


D said...

MUCH better than "Get Midwest" LMAO

Jefferey said...

Oh, I think Get Midwest is good if you are talking about the counties surrounding Dayton.

I like the orginal place concept as downtown was the "original place" of the city, the start of Dayton. So a neat bit of double entendre there.