Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Corrections to Graphs in the Tea Party post

A commentor told me to check my numbers on those charts showing the point spread between Obama and McCain over at the Tea Party post becuase my percentages were wrong.

I did and the numbers were indeed wrong. Here are corrected graphs based on numbers from the various county boards of elections and secretary of state websites, for the big Ohio urban counties, containing the core city.

As one can see the point spread was higher in Dayton (closer to Cincy/Hamilton County) and especially in Akron/Summit County, but Dayton was still the narrowest.

Whats interesting is the tight fit between Dayton and Cicny. 6%-7% range, vs the rest of Ohio. Perhaps another indicator of the fabled Southwest Ohio conservatism.

For the urban counties in metropolitan areas surrounding Dayton, the numbers change, but Dayton/Montgomery Counties ranking does not.

Still one of the narrower margins of victory here.

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