Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Images from the Tea Party I

This was the largest political demonstration in Dayton in recent memory. There might have been larger candidate rallies, but this was the largest issue-based or "ideological" demostration since yer humble host moved here in 1988.

In fact this might have been largest demostration that I have personally witnessed since the anti-busing riots in Louisville back in the 1970s.


Anonymous said...

It would have seemed more real if it weren't for the GOP and FOX involvement. Plus I wonder how many of those people know how much "pork" Turner, Hobson, Boehner & others have brought to this region. $330m is the number Turner likes to toss out - and most of that is for our largest employer - WPAFB. But alas, it's never pork when you're the benefactor.

Jefferey said...

The amount of defense spending here is in the billions, not millions. And that does not count the civil service pensions or veterans benefits.

This is a big flow into the region and might be a "floor" that keeps the local economy from really crashing.

Anonymous said...

GOP and FOX were not involved. I did not see any of them in Dayton. This was organized by two UD law students. We know about the "pork" and you need to get your facts straight Boehner does not take pork. You don't have to agree with our position, but don't assume we are not intelligent and aware and capable of thinking for ourselves just because we don't agree.