Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lofts for the New Downtown

Downtowns have loft housing. No different in the new edge city downtown that's grown up around I-675 in Greene County.

The previous posts mentioned that Huber Development had sold off parts of their tract to other developers. Apparently one was to an Indianapolis developer, who is contstructing the Lofts at Willow Creek just south of Mills-Morgans' College Park/ATIC complex.

Willow Creek being the name of the Huber multifamily development across the street a bit.

The style here is rather urban. In fact it is unprecedented for recent suburban apartment develoment in Dayton as it is deliberatley not trying to look like a generic suburban multifamily development.

Architectural articulation of the corners, flat roofs, attention to detail, and a somewhat "urban" compostition of the facades so they read as townhouses and apartment buildings. And fairly tall for Dayton at three stories (though there are four and five story apartments going on Zink Road near WSU)

The nice thing about this development is one can quite literally walk to work if one happens to work in College Park. And other worksites are bike-able or a short drive.

The ironic thing is that this development, with some minor changes, would be respectable infill housing in Webster Station or the empty acres between UD and downtown (or even on some empty lots downtown).

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