Friday, April 10, 2009

Pentagon Boulevard: Pentagon Park

Pentagon Park was announced in 2006, and went under construction in 2007. Not sure, but think the first buildings opened in 2007 & 2008.

This is the sliver of land between Pentagon Boulevard and I-675, and was the original proposed name of the highway: Pentagon Park Boulevard. The revision has a crisper sound.

To date, three office buildings and one hotel. This is probably the most dramatic manifestation of the Pentagon Boulevard developments, and could become as iconic an image of this part of the Fairfield Commons "edge city" as the long white buildings of Wright Executive Center across the interstate.

A dramatic place-making roadscape along I-675:

We are a bit closer to the "Blade Runner Landscape " of Joel Garreaus' Edge City book:
towers arising above a mass of one story fabric (or, this case, above a grassy field).

(another five story hotel, this time a Hilton. Just opened). The building to the left is CSC, another defense contractor. From the CSC website:

A leading global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company, CSC's mission is to provide customers in industry and government with solutions crafted to meet their strategic goals and enable them to profit from the advanced use of technology.

Not sure if this strip center is part of Pentagon Park, but it nicely sets off the latest Mills-Morgan building. This is perhaps the northern end of I-675 counterpart to Prestige Plaza (though it's shorter, five stories).

For the strip center, some Dayton Orginals: The Wharf is the perhaps the last true tobacconist left in the area now that Boston Stoker turned into a coffehouse chain, and there is an Indian restaurant here, too. A manifestation of the concentration of Asians in Beavercreek.

Pentagon Boulevard, which is a cut above, with the stoplights on poles not wires, and the arched street lights and landscaped median. The widening was via some sort of TIF agreement between Mills-Morgan and Beavercreek. The little office building has DeVry and local IT firm Q-Base. DeVry tech school was the first tenant here.

(dirty windshield tour, hence the spots on the pic)

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