Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speculating on Grange Hall Road: The Last Farm

There is one last parcel in the Pentagon Boulevard/Fairfield Commons area that hasn't been developed or prepped for development (the Kettering/Adventist site is shovel ready)

This is a property between Grange Hall and the Lofts/College Park/Willow Creek development. This is owned by "Crosstown Properties" of Springfield Ohio (address is on North Fountain Avenue).

The street system as currently laid out looks primed to bisect this proprety, providing a secondary connector between Grange Hall and the Fairfield Commons access road, as an alternative route to Pentagon Boulevard.

In fact the existing development on this road (Park View?) is designed with access control and features like fences and landscaped buffer zones, indicating an anticipated higher traffic load.

The property itself is dead farm fields. As one can see from the parcel map above it was orginally long lot ribbon development facing Grange Hall.

But if the property is owned out of Springfield the houses on site must be rentals. So what looks like a ribbon development of single family home mini-farms really is, today, a set of rentals on property being held for development.

The little insets below show the streetscape on Grange Hall, which at first glance says "country road" . Look again; in western Montgomery County or eastern Green county a true country road would be lined with row crops or grazing land, not this heavily wooded. This is more a quasi-rural ribbon development landscape.

It's a good guess to what this land will be developed as. One would think multifamily residential, but offices is a possiblity, too, given how portions of Willow Creek was repostioned as an office development.

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