Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two New Dayton (maybe) Blogs

One is no "maybe". Dayton Daily Views is certainly local. The blog is brand new and hosted by a Sinclair College student inspired by the Esrati blog.

The riff on the Dayton Daily News masthead is pretty cool.

Cartophilia appeared at Esrati, and it might be local. I'ts hosted by a map buff. What's cool about is not the Dayton content (there aint any), but the map/cartographic focus and link farm. Very much like Daytonology Cartophilia posts a lot of maps, so naturally has a geographic turn to the discussion.

This one is just fun to surf around in if you are interested in geography and maps.

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Cartophiliac said...

Hi, thanks for the plug. Yes I am a blogger located in Dayton, but no, my blog is not about Dayton, it is about maps and map memorabilia. However, it is not true to say I never mention Dayton: