Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Dayton Orginal: Homemakers for America

The Dayton Orginals concept is to highlight things in the Dayton area that are locally grown and have a local character to them.Link
One of these orginals, a political organization that advocates around cultural conservatism, was introduced to yours truely at the Tea Party yesterday, as the founder gave a very impassioned speech. The advocacy group is Homemakers for America. This group, though starting locally, apparently has gone national, and promotes three core values:

1. God

2. Freedom

3. Family

Here is a screenshot of their homepage. Note the HFA Issues sidebar on the lower left. An unsual feature, perhaps, is the interest in American History (actually the interest in any kind of history should be commended as history is one of the most neglected areas of our cultural life)

Clicking on the link takes one to this page that has further links. One has to applaud the concern with telling all sides of the story when it comes to history, and to note the influence of religion on history, particularly American history.

Though Daytonology has a historical bias, it is not about religion, or US history.

So this is a reminder of the signifigance of religion and congregational development in local history as well, as the urban and country churches were the focal points of community, and remain local landmarks, part of the cultural landscape of the Dayton region as much as the spiritual landscape.

We'll be looking more at religion and regional religous history in future blog posts.


Greg Hunter said...

I cannot wait!

"TheDonald" said...

True Dayton originals:

"The Cash" (NCR)


Boss Kettering

"Dayton pizza" (thin crust, little squares)


The entire concept of "briars".

Any questions? :)

(Seriously - excellent topic idea, Jefferey.)